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Some of you may be familiar with the theological theory of "apocatastasis". It states that all beings will ultimately be accepted into a Heaven (or equivalent) and Good and Evil will be reconciled.
As a project for the English Extension 2 in high school (Sydney) I decided to write a short story (in the slice-of-life style) exploring the idea of ethiclessness - not "immorality", but the actual lack of Good and Evil as opposing forces/entities in our world. What if our world was in a state of apocatastasis? What if Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell were social constructs?
The actual text ended up being a mixture of many different philosophies, ancient and modern; Herakleitos's doctrine of opposite tensions (this was the main one), Barkeleian Idealism, Existentialism, etc. Their relevance is explained in the Reflection Statement, which is attached to the end of the Short Story.
Although not strictly a philosophical text, nor a book, I thought it would be nice to share Apocatastasis, if only as an inspiration for new ideas and thoughts, so here it is;
Apocatastasis from RapidShare.com
(Sorry for the horrible file host. I would attach the file to the topic, but this feature hasn't been enabled in the forum)
I hope you enjoy it. Constructive criticism welcome.
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