Deontology: Help can't find an article or book

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Deontology: Help can't find an article or book

Post by klinge meister » Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:26 pm

Hi Everyone

a while ago I stumbled over an article or a book in which the autor tried to solve the harm a few to save a lot of people problem (trolley or bombing an airplane problems and the like). Now I would like to read it again but unfortunately I can't remember who wrote it or in what book I read it.

The Argument goes if I remember it correct like this: We have to harm the few because we owe to each individual person the duty not to harm them/keep them save. So if we do harm the few to save the many we manage to fail our duty towards less people and therefore this would be the better solution.
He basically showed a way to sum up duties owed to single persons and concluded that we should aim for fullfilling our duty towards as many as possible and fail towards as few as possible. The autor explicitly distinguished his view from utilitarianism because he claimed that it is not an utility calculation but a sum of duties owed towards individuals.

Does somebody have an idea where to look for it?

Thx, klinge

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