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The Sunday Philosophy Club

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I read this series by Alexander McCall Smith - many, many years ago. I wonder if I would still find them as good...
Always loved the idea of a Sunday club; as some kind of an alternate 'religion'...
The reading today is taken from the book of X, chapter A, verse Zzzzzzzzz.
And then follows the 'sermon' - a talk by a ministering philo devil, then a Q & A session.

Anyway - it's all about quirky detective work. Also, from wiki:
The series deals widely with “everyday moral and philosophical conundrums” through Isabel’s work as the editor of a philosophical journal. McCall Smith notes: “We can't necessarily answer the great questions about meaning – Camus talks about this, that you can't answer the question of what is the meaning of life, but you can find meaning in a limited context, and work toward that.”

A key element is the notion that simplicity and kindness are important aspects of life: "Kindness needn't be dull ... it can also be elevating and moving." Commenting on the lack of villains in his ‘mystery’ stories, McCall Smith explains: "I don't do baddies very well." Ultimately, the books examine "the fundamental question of how we can lead a good and satisfying life.''
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