Was Plato a Buddhist?

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Was Plato a Buddhist?

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It's easy to see after reading some of Plato's work that he was influenced by Hindu religion. I'd read something from him then dismiss it (duality), I'd see something two sentences later and say yea, that's buddhist, and then I wondered maybe some things are getting lost in these ancient translations. Could Plato have been teaching a form of buddhism? It will take a lot to convince me otherwise.

So I did some book checking and I came up with a few titles. There are a few articles on the web but I don't want to commit to several books without coming here and seeing if anyone has read anything good and could comment.

Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle (by Hindu philosopher Alfarabi)
Eastern Religions and Western Thought
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Re: Was Plato a Buddhist?

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Maybe by influence gymnosophist.
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