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I'v been reading some political philosophy for a good while now. I started of to read Howard Zinn and Ayn Rand to get some "popular" touch on what's to say from left and right. Hardly philosophy, but it kind of gave me an introduction to left and right standpoints. Now, during the summer, to get more hardcore, I have been studying John Rawls. First, I studied some general works, the SEP and IEP, watched some Yale lectures on youtube, before actually starting reading "A theory of Justice"(in english) according to the order Rawls himself suggested. I will not read it through but I find reading the actual book worth wile. Those summaries leave out some pretty fundamental things, imho.

So, next is - logically - Robert Nozick. Any suggestions? I plan to start out reading what SEP and IEP has to say on his philosophy, maybe some more introductions, are any good ones? Then, what original Nozick work is good to start off with?

I have a fairly good picture of what Smith, Bentham, Mills, Marx and the basic "ism" guys have to say, is there anyone more contemporary that one should read as a compliment to Nozick and Rawls?

But I have enjoyed reading Zinn, Rand and Rawls so far.
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