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Re: Ninja Mind Control

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GreatandWiseTrixie wrote:Fakest trick in the book, he just has a plant in the crowd who does his tricks for him.
No he doesn't as many of his 'tricks' are not ones that would need such a thing.
I hope none of you actually believe this clown. Show me one video of Derren that isn't completely fake. Ill believe it when I see it.
Pretty much every one you can watch is not a fake. It's mainly psychology and a trained memory with a large dash of showmanship. Take a look at the chess one and he explains how he did it. Take a look at the one where he gets paid out for losing tickets at a dog track. Take a look at the one where he teaches a cab-driver memory and speed reading techniques and enters him into a champions of champions pub-quiz. Take look at the one where he teaches a granny to play texas-hold 'em. Explain how he gets members of the public to 'mind-read' each other? The only thing to remember is that he only shows the ones that work, although even here he does show the failures as out-takes.
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Re: Ninja Mind Control

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GreatandWiseTrixie wrote: He already admits to having no real magic, only mind games. But I suspect the depth of his deception is deeper than that, I suspect he even resorts to using plants in the audience.

I did research, I watched 2 of his videos. I don't wish to invest much more in exposing the fraud of a common stage clown.
Yes - he is a Mentalist. It's supposed to be 'mind games', as that is what's actually about.
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Re: Ninja Mind Control

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he patently admits to being a fraud. You really have no idea, he sets out to expose how the frauds do what they do, and that if anything makes him a person who although a massive fraud, is willing to show how he goes about such deceit in an honest and direct way. Derren does not claim to either do magic or to do things no one else can. He just says it like it is, if that makes him a fraud so be it. An honest fraud though.

Plants in the audience, well of course what fraud wouldn't, the only thing he says is that he doesn't use camera tricks, the rest of the fraudulent world is his oyster though.

You can make people do practically anything by sleight of hand, suggestion, human beings are slaves to social queues they are not even aware of.
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