ABOUT BEAUTY - A Thomistic Interpretation by Armand Maurer

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ABOUT BEAUTY - A Thomistic Interpretation by Armand Maurer

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Frequently, the common man, without having had any formal philosophical education or training, will utter a profound metaphysical truth, such as in the following instance on the unitive power of beauty.

"Music is a very powerful thing. It brings people together."
Elton John,
Dec. 6, in Moscow, in response to
calls for boycotts of Russia to protest Putin's anti-gay
policies and laws, and in justification of his
performance there.

"One of the most important forces of beauty in human life is its power to bring persons together and unite them in mind, heart and action." ABOUT BEAUTY, P. 74, supra

I also remember when Paul Simon went to South Africa to perform despite economic sanctions and boycotts against that country's apartheid policies. In response to criticism, he stated words to the effect that music was beyond politics, that it was a universal language.

http://www.amazon.com/About-Beauty-A-Th ... RPRETATION

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