The older I get, the smarter I feel, and the stupider I become

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Re: The older I get, the smarter I feel, and the stupider I become

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Lacewing wrote: Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:26 pm
Walker wrote: Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:46 pm A vow to eat only one chocolate cake a week ain’t the same as a marriage vow.
Nonsensical and unconvincing of anything. This only suggests that it's your turn to use the computer.
Don't rely on my convincing.
Just discover for yourself by breaking your vow to eat no more than one chocolate cake a week, and know *.

However, probably more important than Sweet Tooth Domination is to use intelligence for awareness of consequences.

Knowledge of conditions helps, and whether or not one flows with or bucks the conditions. For instance, just look at this thread title. It is a condition that determines the weave of the thread, which is feeling smart and becoming stupid. We're both weavers here.

The advantage of using intelligence is that you don’t actually need to experience mistakes caused by your own unthinking stupidity.

For those not so smart, experience is required to discover that when you purposely break a heartfelt vow, you open to evil.

* Know that to be truly free, you gotta own that Twinkie, and not be owned by its allure and promises.
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