Can philosophy cure depression ?

Can philosophers help resolve the real problems that people have in their lives?

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Agent Smith
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Re: Can philosophy cure depression ?

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This question is vital to our understanding of dukkha (suffering) and we ought to meditate upon it in earnest and with zeal.
Gary Childress
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Re: Can philosophy cure depression ?

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Whether or not philosophy can cure depression probably depends on the person as much as medicine does. Some people are wired a little differently than others and for the ones who aren't wired for it, no amount of sunshine blown up the ass will cure us.
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Re: Can philosophy cure depression ?

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Gary Childress wrote: Fri Oct 28, 2022 4:58 am no amount of sunshine blown up the ass will cure us.
:lol: That's true. Some people just get very sad very easily. Others are hard arseholes.
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Re: Can philosophy cure depression ?

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Phil8659 wrote: Wed Jul 06, 2022 5:53 pm
duszek wrote: Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:38 pm Modern literature has become so ugly and disgusting that it can depress you even more.

I wonder if philosophical writings of a person full of life energy would not have a positive effect on one´s psyche.
Not someone like Sören K. or Nietzsche.
Perhaps a friendly teacher of philosophy ? His kindness will express itself through the way he explains.
Have you ever heard of the GI Joe program? GIGO, Garbage in, Garbage Out. In order for a mind to use Philosophy to escape depression, one has to realize that depression is not an illness but an signal that something is wrong with one's ability to think, to do the job of a mind. If you are simple minded, you chase your own tail imagining that this or that is the cause of depression, unable to see what is true, Today, this moment, is very little different than any other day.

Philosophy can only help you cure depression when you can control your own mind in order to figure out why you are really depressed, and it has little to do with objective reality.
Mind control, yes, that´s it. Especially fear and anxiety control.

If the state introduces mandatory vaccination will the police knock at my door, get in anyway if I don´t open, drag me down to a waiting ambulence with a sulky physician and ... And finally charge me with costs calculated so highly that I will have to apply for private insolvence ?

Is this a world I want to live in permanently ?
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