Should I pay my roommate for me using more electricity?

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Above us only sky
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Should I pay my roommate for me using more electricity?

Post by Above us only sky » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:38 pm

Recently we will have a two week long holiday, my two roommates are going home and I 'm the only one who stay at the house we share. The electricity bill and the water bill of us is being calculated by averaging our usage, for example, if the bill says it is 9 dollars, then each of us (3 persons in the house) have to pay 3 dollars. I feel I should pay the extra bills for them because during this two week holiday I'm the only guy who stay in the house and use water and electricity.

But one voice tells me that I don't have to, after all, my roommates do not know that I 'm not going home, and to me they are not my friends. Under this circumstance should I voluntarily tell my roommates pay the extra bills or should I not tell them?

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Bill Wiltrack
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Re: Should I pay my roommate for me using more electricity?

Post by Bill Wiltrack » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:52 pm


Actually sounds like you have TWO voices in your head. One tells you NOT to pay, the other is saying that you SHOULD pay the entire time that you alone stay in the house.

I have found, in cases like these, that you have already made-up your mind on how to act. We come to a forum to see both sides but to actually just listen to the support information that we want to hear upon the direction that we had previously decided.

so, you already know how you are going to act towards your roommates.

Are you going to tell us?


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