How should society be organised, if at all?

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People think they can solve war by preaching peace, but most of them don't even bother to try to find the cause of war.

The cause of war is human sexual nature. Let me explain.

As a male approaches the age of 3 it starts to learn it is not it's mother. Thus, it is start to be told it is not a nurturing entity. It is told it is not to have an appreciation of girly things. It is taught it must fight, do sports with other kids, compete. However, this is not war. This does not actually result in warfare. For instance, Bruce Lee, a fighter, does not cause war.

But after a male goes through puberty, both the testosterone and estrogen in him goes high. The estrogen causes him to become emotional, angry, and the testorone makes him even more angry. Boys become increasingly bitter to each other. But after age 18, the boy starts to become physically ugly, starts to become a man, bony, old and deformed.

He starts to realize he has no worth to society, and that he must manipulate to compensate for his physical ugliness. And that noone will treat him like a child or give him sympathy, he must forage on his own. Because nobody cares about ugly people, they are monsters.

The competition, now becomes brutal. In order to attract an attractive, feminine, woman, he must at least make a 6 figure income. So what is the easiest way to do this? Kill the other men. Sell weapons, wage war. After all, men are ugly, worthless, miserable, just like he is. War is doing them a favor.

War is caused by the male and female's sexual nature. Males need for females. And females need for materialistic, lavish lifestyles. If you want to reduce war you have to ignore your natural desires and stop being an animal. Soldiers are paranoid of being perceived as weak by women. Them being a soldier is what gets them laid. Warmongers, the rich who sell weapons, are paranoid of them becoming poor and not being worshiped by women. So its up to women to decide to stop making men having to be masculine. Most women say they want masculine men, and so men bend over backwards to be masculine for them.
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Re: War.

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Re: War.

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Just war theory, anybody? :D
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Re: War.

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Necromancer wrote: Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:27 am Just war theory, anybody? :D
just war? yeah, life is a state of war...

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