Hyper Darwinism

How does science work? And what's all this about quantum mechanics?

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Hyper Darwinism

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Maybe you're wondering why and how it all works together:) You should try to consider "hyper Darwinism." See eg Interactions / forces: long / short distances x attractive / repulsive. They can be many cases. However, there are certain exist some most stronger cases of them. And they pay. The others are defeated. Or the number of dimensions: the forces are not able to sufficiently polarize more than three dimensions at a longer distance, so the system could not hold together in such cases: In higher dimensions, the forces are losting quickly their power. Or the spectrum of elementary particles: only a few types of physical space’s defects are able to resist to “space temperature (waving)" and to permanent addition of space sediments from Futute... Perhaps it (our Universe) is the only reasonable configuration of matter that is able to last...
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