There are at least two times

How does science work? And what's all this about quantum mechanics?

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Re: There are at least two times

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jayjacobus wrote: Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:58 pm There is a progression that goes next to next to next...........................

Time is a function. It goes from the current state to the next state to the next state ......... and on and on.

There are many times.

Time never reverses.
Each of those next states are either the current state or nothing. Any future “state” is only a prediction. Since time never reverses, there are no previous times—these “times” are merely memories.
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Re: There are at least two times

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You are right that the past is in memories. But dates are a frame of reference for events so there are many times in the frame of reference. I wouldn't say that the Earth or anything else didn't exist because there is only now.

Moreover, now may be 2 or more functions in different realities. Quantum observations may be caused by one reality going from cause to effect and the other reality at the subatomic level going from effect to cause. The function underlying time MAY be the interaction between the two.
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