Compassion for Energy?

How does science work? And what's all this about quantum mechanics?

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Compassion for Energy?

Post by Being_1925 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:12 pm

It is the property of energy to be always the same, like the electron is always the same one. This one energy gives us the chance to represent the living energy, because it is our soul and keeps our organic life going. This lets us have a compassion for all the energy in the universe. So we care for all the energy and most of it has a place in the elements of the stars. There is no explanation possible, of why energy exists or what made it exist.

The care for energy is easy, as we can do nothing about it anyway, except for our own life and what belongs to that. But energy definitely deserves our compassion. So far this new compassion is mostly unknown to the public. Most compassion or belief was up to now in Religion for a God. The discoveries that were gained about the condition of matter in all of its elements and the workings of organic living, have made people less sure about a god. While Jesus with his love for your neighbor, is still going on. What also gets a lot of compassion from some, is in all kinds of games in different sports and gambling. For information we have Theater, Film and Newspapers that have a big influence on what gets any mention or in a Forum, that is the case for a living energy. Universities do not accept what is not from them but do they know everything.

This compassion for energy is just as well for the time when we are dead, because all the energy that is left from our own body, is still there, even without any connection to our ego or I.

For the understanding of energy, it was great help when in 1938 and earlier by splitting the atom. It showed a great amount of energy. That brought the equation: Mass equals energy. The atomic bomb in Hiroshima was the absolute proof of that. It is not possible to show a single unit of energy, as it is far too small. But as a mass it gives us a freezing or melting point for the elements. We have as humans approximately 30 trillions of cells and they all belong to our ego and we can all feel them, also there would better be no pain from injury or sickness.

So should we not show compassion for energy?

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