Do Points act as Fields?

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Do Points act as Fields?

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:39 pm

The beginning of this thread is formed of several posts from the "Ether Theory?" thread. I figured I would form these posts as their own thread to tackle the question: "Do points act as fields?"

If you look at the 0d point:

1) Any dimension moving towards the center of the 0d point seperates itself from other dimensions. In these respects the point, through movement towards center, extends itself into a field.

2) The point seperates dimensions in a manner in which the dimensions relates to further dimensions. These relations cause further individuation.

Take for example the a 1 dimensional line between two zero dimensional points. The line is seperate through the zero dimensional points. Considering the line is ad-infinitum the line is merely a relation to a further segment of line. If the segments relate, they form further points through intersection resulting in further lines. The lines increase in relation, as the lines increase in quantity. The zero dimensional point, however remains the same as one zero dimensional point is the same as another zero dimensional point. As the zero-dimensional point is the same, across all linear relations, the 0d point acts as a field, with the linear relations merely being the relations of the zero-dimensional field, much in the same manner we observe waves on an ocean.

The lines change however according to their relations with other lines. A line of x separations is larger or smaller to a line of y separations. The lines relate and form z number of lines. However the nature of the lines is define by what further lines they relate too. These relations are mediated through the 0d point as a median of movement.

3) This 0d point-field effect can be observed where the dimension, we will observe again the 1d line, is forced to relate with itself. This act of relation is necessary considering no movement can exist within strict 0d space; because there is fundamentally nowhere to move.

As there is nowhere to move, the 1d line individuates into further 1d lines through what I will call a "Y" effect...or a branch effect. The line manifests continual "duals" which relate and are connected. These relation, allow the 1d line to exist through 0d space through a process of movement as relation, where they continually manifest further duals as relative particulate. This may be observed as quantum entanglement in one respect, while in a separate respect we observe this process within nature in the form of trees, leaves, plants, rivers, etc "branching" through the duality of the "Y".

These "Y"s curve, through the 0d point field, to form the wave as linear relating angles. In these respects, the "Y" effect forms the wave as another linear movement. A further 1d linear dimension forms which in effect follows the same process of individuation as perpetual movement where energy is neither lost nor gained but exists as a perpetual cycles of linear dimensions alternating through the 0d point.

4) At dualistic point "Y", through the 0d point field effect, we can observe the observation of relations in 1 respect, while a connection with the ether in a seperate. At the degree of seperation the extradimensional nature of the linear dimension inverts into a negative dimension as an extension of the 1 intradimensional ether. In these respects the 1 dimensional line is rooted through an inversion into a negative dimensional line as the extension of the 1d ether.

This negative dimensional line, as an inversion of the extradimensional line exists as the boundary between the ether and the 0d space we understand. It is strictly an extension of the ether, through the ether, as the limits of the ether. In these respects the "Y" effect observes a trifold nature of dual lines relationg through the 0d point with the line inverting into a seperate dimension as the extension of the either. In these respects the 1d line and 0d point are connected through a linear dimension.

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