BRIEF  HISTORY  of  SYMMETRY and  ASYMMETRY.  / by Socratus /

How does science work? And what's all this about quantum mechanics?

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BRIEF  HISTORY  of  SYMMETRY and  ASYMMETRY.  / by Socratus /

Post by socratus » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:48 pm

   BRIEF  HISTORY  of  SYMMETRY and  ASYMMETRY.  / by Socratus /
In 1905  Einstein involved negative time in his SRT.
Nobody knew what negative time  can mean  and therefore Minkowski in 1908
changed negative time into positive time creating 4-D spacetime.
The theory became very beautiful  and as a young physicist said me:
‘ My professor says that you cannot be physicist if you don’t understand
the beauty of SRT in Minkowski’s interpretation.’ but . . .  but nobody knew
and nobody knows  what 4-D really is.  (!)
So, Minkowski was the first person who put symmetry between time and space-dimension.
‘ In 1918 Emmy Noether published theory that every differentiable symmetry
of the action of a physical system has a corresponding conservation law.
Noether's theorem has become a fundamental tool of modern theoretical physics,
both because of the insight it gives into conservation laws, and also,
as a practical calculation tool. ‘
So, thanks  to  Noether the symmetries were legitimate in physics.
In 1919 Kaluza said that Minkowski’s interpretation is very beautiful, but his theory
doesn’t have forces. Therefore he took  gravitation and electromagnetic forces
as one more  dimension and create 5-D universe.
So, Kaluza  was the  first person who put symmetry between forces and dimension.
To explain and to prove Kaluza’s theory  O.Klein  in 1926 suggested that one dimension
can wrap into  very – very small region – universe, but . . .  but   Mincowski 4-D would
stay unchanged.  (!)
So, Klein was the person who wrapped gravitation and electromagnetic forces
into very –very small region.
Mathematically the theory was beautiful  and interesting but 
nobody knew  what 5-D is and how one  dimension can wrap. (!)
It was passed about 50 years.
New forces were discovered and some physicists came to conclusion that
quantum particle cannot be ‘a point’. Quantum particle as   ‘a point’  doesn’t reflect
the thru image / face of quantum particle.  And because quantum particle at the same
time is a wave therefore it must vibrate for example as a string of violin or guitar.
But this string-particle needs 10 or  11 – dimensions.
All dimensions except Minkowski  4-D must wrap.
Minkowski 4-D keeps unchanged.  (!)
Later was invented another kind of string – loop string-particle that needed
26 or 27 dimensions. And again – in this theory Minkowski 4-D is unchanged. (!)
Physicists say that these theories are very beautiful.
The problem is that nobody   knows if these extra- dimensions and these
string – particles really exist.
My opinion:
a - b)
Minkowski in 1908  took time as a symmetry of space.
Space and time became equal each other and therefore we say: ‘spacetime’.
So, if I think of space as a distance then  I must say:
1hour is equal 5 kilometres, 2hour =10 km, 3hour= 15km,  . . . .etc.
But in physics we have only one particle which corresponding to
this condition. And it is photon with constant speed 1sec=300000 km.
In other words: SRT is theory about behaviour of quantum of light
in  the  spacetime.
Emmy Noether was a great and famous mathematician, but bad physicist.
Because  there isn’t such law in physics  as  ‘ conservation law ’
or  ‘The law of conservation of mass’.
If you read in Wikipedia:
it is half-truth. Half-true  theory is deceitful theory.
You cannot believe half-true  explanation.
The true theory says - there is  only
‘Law of conservation and transformation energy/mass’.
We cannot talk about one without talking about the other.
The law of conservation and transformation energy/mass
is a law about a symmetry and asymmetry in the Nature.
If somebody think that  “ The Law of conservation and
transformation of energy/ mass “ is a simple
bookkeeping calculation of debit-credit   he  is  mistaken.
It is a primitive judgment about one of the most important Law in Nature.
The bookkeeping calculation of debit-credit is 
“ a symmetry law” - like 1$ is equal 100 cents.
But in the Universe we see the laws of symmetry and we see
the laws of breaking of symmetry.
The Life in the Universe is connected  with  symmetry and  with breaking of symmetry.
The forms of living creatures are almost always symmetrical.
But sooner or later comes time of breaking symmetry.
And a  "broken symmetry"  doesn’t  look as  symmetric thing.
( It means : 1$ is not exactly  equal to 100 cents.)
Between symmetry and asymmetry  the effect of ‘transformation’ appears.
But nobody explains what the  ‘transformation’ means according to one
single quantum particle.
If somebody takes only one part of the law (conservation )
and ignore the second part of it (transformation) then abstract ideas
appear in physics  and we lost sight of the real picture of Nature  .
d - e)
Kaluza and   Klein idea about unity of gravitation and electromagnetic
forces in spacetime  is not finished.
One of problem that gravity is very weak force.
The electromagnetic force is 10^42 times stronger than gravity.
Therefore the problem of unity gravity with quantum theory is still unsolved.
The string theory has its own problem.
In my opinion, if I don’t know what 2 + 2 = 4 then I cannot do more complex calculations.
And if physicists don’t know what 4-D really is, then following calculations are abstracted.
‘Law of conservation and transformation energy/mass’  means
that energy/mass particles can be conserved into potential state
after / through  transformation  and later appear as active particles
also through act of transformation.
Through act of transformation the combined symmetry CPT
  ( charge, space, time ) can be created and  destroyed.
=================.  …
Best wishes.
Israel  Sadovnik  Socratus.

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Re: BRIEF  HISTORY  of  SYMMETRY and  ASYMMETRY.  / by Socratus /

Post by wtf » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:10 pm

socratus wrote:
Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:48 pm
‘ In 1918 Emmy Noether published theory that every differentiable symmetry
of the action of a physical system has a corresponding conservation law.
Can you please explain in simple terms what is a differentiable symmetry of the action of a physical system?

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Re: BRIEF  HISTORY  of  SYMMETRY and  ASYMMETRY.  / by Socratus /

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Don't bother wtf, he's a grade A interweeble.

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