God loves the evil ones more than the good because he is the

Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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God loves the evil ones more than the good because he is the

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God loves the evil ones more than the good because he is the greatest sinner.
This love of sinners is the hinge pin on which his benevolent qualities depend and without evil and sin, God could never expressed his benevolence and we would never know of God’s mercy, forgiveness, compassion and all his other positive attributes. Love, like faith, can only be expressed by actions and for God to show his love of sinners and his other positive attributes, evil, sin and sinners must exist to receive this love.

Before the earth was formed, God planned to have Jesus sacrificed, murdered in fact, for those of us who are sinners. That is all of us. Jesus’ sacrifice was to be God’s example of the greatest evil and sin from the point of view of all who are wise. It shows our greatest loss and evil if we were to do as God did. Those of us who are evil without knowing good will try to profit from this greatest evil. We are to venerate life. Not take it or try to profit from its death. Though shalt not kill or try to profit from it.

As above so below.

The fact that God created evil and sin is a given. He created all that is to those who believe he exists. He decides what is evil or not and therefore sets this as our standard. It is a human standard. God is man.

Have you forgotten that you are to be a God by emulating your heavenly father?
Sin by the thought of having your child killed or profiting from someone else’s doing so and repent as God did.

All fathers or parent will know that the greatest evil he can experience is to have his children die before he does. Having them killed is the greatest sin that any entity can do. Including God himself. As the Alpha, God knew he had to do this to also be the Omega. That is a part of the full standard of good and evil as declared by God as the law maker.

This shows that he loves sinners more than those of us who are supposedly good. Think of the prodigal son myth here. Those who know their evil ways will know this. Those who do not will think they are good and will accept this greatest evil for their salvation. A completely immoral act by all moral standards as set by God and man.


God planned to have Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden and placed his beloved Satan near the tree of knowledge to insure that mankind ate of it. To make sure of this, God gave Satan the power to deceive all of us including Adam and Eve. As history shows, his plan was a great success. Dominion over the earth was Satan’s reward and gift from God for aiding in this great success. Evil is our lord and God as shown by God’s actions. Satan is not real of course but as the personification of evil, rules us. That is scripture.

The great value of sinners is that we set the standards for the good. Without us, we would all be living in what we would call hell instead of the paradise that we have created thanks to sin and the evils we do. This maintains the perfection of all that is. This explains why God loves the sinner and hates the sin and this is also why we are rewarded with the eternal paradise of hell. Remember that fire, in the beginning, was prized as the greatest purifying force known to us. It still is. Evolution and creation began in the fires of the big bang.

Martin Luther, A Gnostic Christian and founder of the Protestant movement may, have been aware of this. He said, “Be a sinner and sin strongly, but more strongly have faith and rejoice in Christ.” In this though we must remember what Jesus said. That to think of sin is to do it and hopefully learn morals from the experience. We are to sin that way and not do the actual act. There should not be a need to do so.

I invite you to follow the bible advice ---- 1 Thessalonians. 5:21; “Test all things".
If you will only give a dogmatic kneejerk denial of this theory then please ignore this post.

Please test the logic of what I have written even as it goes against you dogma and traditional thinking. God is good but just not the God you think he is. The root of all religions is the Great Arcanum and this theory fit’s it perfectly in my opinion.

http://www.sacred-sex.org/scriptures/ju ... enant.html

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhKVElO8 ... re=related

Offsprings and their great value are the driving force of all religions. Those who would profit from the murder or sacrifice of the offspring, archetypal Jesus, are knowing evil without knowing good and are thus evil in their hearts.

Christians. Most of you are basically good. Please stop doing evil and sinning in your thoughts of profiting from God’s sacrifice and murder of his innocent son. You are missing the moral of the myth and calling evil good. This thinking will send you to hell.

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