The Impact of the Natural Afterlife on Religion and Society

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The Impact of the Natural Afterlife on Religion and Society

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My article "The Theory of a Natural Eternal Consciousness: The Psychological Basis for a Natural Afterlife" was published May 2020 in the Journal of Mind and Behavior. The article claims a non-supernatural, i.e., scientifically supported, timeless, eternal consciousness, which can be a natural afterlife. Regarding this natural eternal consciousness (NEC), the article states:
The theory, however, merely defines the NEC, implicitly claiming it as the default after-life. It does not deny the existence of a supernatural eternal consciousness or afterlife no matter how apparently illogical or (at least for now seemingly) unscientific. Such an eternal consciousness could be an after-death type of NDE or some other afterlife that immediately or later overrides the NEC — e.g., a reincarnation or a resurrection of body and soul.
For those who have at least read most of the article (you may skip some of the more technical parts) and are at least open to Hypothesis 2, as stated in the article, I would like to pose the following questions for discussion:
1) How does the natural afterlife impact various religions? Can it be seen as compatible?
2) Does the possibility of a natural afterlife benefit society?
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