Devils, Demons, Satans and Gods.

Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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Devils, Demons, Satans and Gods.

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Exist purely within language as and through the minds mentation constructed via conceptual ideas. In reality, the essence of you, aka pure awareness, concepts have no reality at all - they are not real, no more than a dream is real. A dream is real only in relation to the one experiencing and knowing the dream which is awareness.

Words exist only within memory, and memory can only be a mental projection appearing to be here now, but is in actual fact, just dead thoughts, appearing as empty images on the screen of imageless awareness, which is this immediate pure essence of what is always this eternal present moment ever-pure and untouched.

The ''mind'' is the ''word'' ..The mind is a movement within (pure awareness presence) which gives vitality to existence. So the word itself becomes the ultimate, yet we can see that the word is not the thing. The mind is the word, and the word is thought.

CAN awareness ever be free of mental activity? the answer is yes. You are free of mental activity each time you dissolve into deep dreamless sleep. Sleep is the death of the ''thought of you'' so every night, this thought of you is no longer there/here, in sleep there is no thought of you or any thing else. It's only upon awakening from sleep that the thought of you returns, and this is only possible because you are in fact the constant awareness of the thought of awakening, you become fully lucid, aka aware of your own dreaming.

When the body dies, there is no thought there to verify that death. So you can never experience your own absence, just as you can never experience yourself sleeping, you are never aware of the exact moment you fall asleep each night, because ''thoughts of you come and go in you'' BUT are not you.

In essence, words are thoughts and they are not real. No THOUGHT thing is REAL.

The mind continues to identify with it's mental projections..aka thoughts, because that is the only place the mind can exist. The mind exists within the arising fictional story..born now of past memory, always of history ever repeating itself, albeit in many different narratives according to the multitudes of belief structures that mind makes up, without which no thing is ever happening...and the mind doesn't like the idea of no thing happening, so it clings to it's's only existence is within the dream, and the dream is all that is known.

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