Mr. Good

Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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Mr. Good

Post by Harbal » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:58 pm

Mr. Good is a very nice man who lives at 6 Paradise Street.

Mr. Good bought 6 Paradise Street a long time ago.

Houses cost a lot of money and Mr. Good had to get a mortgage before he could buy his house.

You can’t see a mortgage but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Ask a grownup about philosophy if you want to know more about things that aren’t there.

If you forget about your mortgage just because you can’t see it, you will get into a lot of trouble.

Mr. Good remembers about his mortgage once a month so he never gets into trouble.

People who forget about their mortgage can sometimes go for a long time without thinking about it and get very upset when they have to remember it again.

Mr. Lord works in a bank and his job is to remind people about their mortgages when they have forgotten about them.

If people don’t take any notice of Mr. Lord after he has reminded them about their mortgages, that is when they get into a lot of trouble.

People who keep forgetting about their mortgages make Mr. Lord very cross when they won’t take any notice of him.

When Mr. Lord gets really cross he makes people move out of their houses and they have to sleep under railway bridges.

Ask a grownup to take you to see some down and outs if you want to see what living under a railway bridge is like.

Mr. Lord uses the law to make people move out of their houses, and the law is another thing you must not forget about just because you can’t see it.

Mr. Good will never have to sleep under a railway bridge because he always remembers about his mortgage and the law.

On Sunday Mr. Good goes to church.

Church is where Mr. Good sits on a hard seat and thinks about God.

Do you go to church?

God is more important than a mortgage so you have to remember about him four times a month.

Some people even remember about God everyday and like to remind everyone else about him.

There are lots of different names for people who like to remind everyone about God but you have to wait until you are a grown up before you are allowed to say them.

God is a bit like Mr. Lord, a mortgage and the law all rolled into one, except that you can see Mr. Lord.

Ask a grownup about the Trinity if you want to know about God being three things at the same time.

Forgetting about God can get you into even more trouble than forgetting about your mortgage so some people leave a Bible on the table to remind them about God every time they see it.

A Bible is a very thick book all about God and you must never use it to hold a door open.

You won’t have to move out of your house if you forget about God but you won’t be able to live in Heaven afterwards if you do.

Heaven is where the people who remember to think about God go when they have finished being alive.

It is very nice in Heaven and everyone who lives there is happy forever.

If you are not allowed to go to Heaven you will have to go to another place called Hell and that’s even worse than sleeping under a railway bridge.

No one likes being in Hell because that’s where a very cross monster called the Devil lives.

The Devil doesn’t like happy people so he sets them on fire to make sure they will be very sad forever.

Ask a grownup to show you a Youtube video of a man on fire if you want to see what it looks like.

Mr. Good will live in heaven when he has finished being alive because he always remembers to think about God.

Perhaps you could live next door to Mr. Good in Heaven when you have finished being alive if you always remember to think about God.

Do you think that would be nicer than being set on fire by the Devil?

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