God Brainwise is not Empirical

Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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God Brainwise is not Empirical

Post by Veritas Aequitas » Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:25 am

God Brainwise is not Empirical

What is 'empirical' can objectively represented by brain parts and activities.


What is empirical involves all parts of the brain imperatively the senses.
There are two main categories of the empirical, i.e. the proven empirical and the empirical possibilities.
  • For example I can proved empirically the existence of that tree out there from my window. With this empirical proofs, I can speculate such type of an empirical tree may possibly exists empirically in another planet 100 light years from Earth.
    I can also speculate God as a bearded man in that planet 100 light years from Earth. But until empirical evidences are produced, that proposition remains a speculation, albeit a 0.00000001 possibility based on current knowledge.
What is non-empirical involves only the neo-cortex representing pure reason i.e. involving the thinking part of the brain only without any empirical grounding on other parts of the brain.
  • For example I can use my thinking brain to think of a square-circle, but this thing that is thought cannot be empirical due to being a contradiction which is impossible.
    The default and ultimate God is imperatively ontological [with whatever OMNI- properties] which is at best only a thought [philosophical idea] and as such cannot be empirical.
It is very typical for theists to deflect and push God outside the sphere and scope of logical and rationality so they are protected from being exposed as irrational. This is purely based on necessary psychological desperation.

The non-empirical thought of God is compelled and driven by an existential crisis in the psyche, thus psychological. It is impossible for God to exists as real other than a thought-only to soothe existential Angst.

When theists understand their fundamental belief in a God is psychological, humanity will be able to prevent and reduce the terrible evil and violent acts committed by SOME evil prone theists as a divine duty to please their God to gain favor in some illusory heaven to live eternally.


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