The Evolution of the Idea of God

Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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The Evolution of the Idea of God

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This is an interesting book;
The Evolution of the Idea of God: An Inquiry Into the Origin of Religions
Grant Allen (1848-1899)

Originally published in 1897, The Evolution of the Idea of God is a study of humans' belief in God from primitive tribal religions to what Allen considered the more advanced Christian view.

The main question explored here is
"How did we arrive at our knowledge of God?"

Rather than trying to prove or disprove any claims about the divine, Allen's method simply traces the psychological processes that led humans to religious belief, and further, from a belief in polytheism to monotheism. ... 1602063869
  • Contents
    I. Christianity as a Religious Standard i
    II. Religion AND Mythology 20
    III. The Life of the Dead 43
    IV. The Origin OF Gods 68
    V. Sacred Stones 93
    VI. Sacred Stake 137
    VII. Sacred Trees 138
    VIII. The Gods of Egypt 154
    IX. The Gods of Israel 180
    X. The Rise of Monotheism 304
    XI. Human Gods 235
    XII. The Manufacture of Gods 347
    XIII. Gods of Cultivation 273
    XIV. Corn- AND Wine-Gods 301
    XV. Sacrifice and Sacrament 318
    XVI. The Doctrine of the Atonement 347
    XVII. The World before Christ 362
    XVIII. The Growth of Christianity 378
    XIX, Survivals in Christendom 409
    XX. Conclusion 434
Note specifically the term is 'idea' not 'concept'.

Allan did a study of religions from the primitive to monotheism of the Abrahamic religion.
He postulated the origin of religion started from the worship of the dead, corpse, etc.

I don't agree with that origin.
I believe the origin of the idea of God started from the experiences and evidence of natural powerful forces of nature amidst the impulses of the existential crisis driven by the zombie parasites.

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Re: The Evolution of the Idea of God

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I hope you didn't pay for it. It can be downloaded for free. (I've had the book in my library for a long time.) ... 28texts%29
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