Atheism vs Religions put to the test - Quantum Computing

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Atheism vs Religions put to the test - Quantum Computing

Post by Necromancer » Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:27 pm

By Quantum Computing, let's put Atheism to the test!

1. Are the religions more true than Atheism? True or false.

2. Are the religions more helpful than Atheism? True or false.

3. Are religions more valuable than Atheism? True or false.

My belief: Hah-hah-hah! Atheism out the window! 8) :mrgreen:

Your opinions? Good for science? The entire debate is over? Questions answered by Quantum Computing in the future?

Quantum Computing. Quantum Physics. OR-gate. To use quantum computing (further), you can simply check for any statement inside a field and check this field for its quantum computing value. If it gets a high value, it's definitely something. Ok? Can be for Human Resources (HR) or any other.

The use of OR-gate in computers to test for various stuff. Also for the future "vision". Is it wrong you think? You need to have a proper scale for it, like 30 million true values upward and 30 millions false values downward.

Such that, examples:
1. [Field of database] Is this something for the future? [Field tested: true or false] Yes or no!
2. Are The 4 Factors useful toward Utopia? True or false.

Sensitivity is important for this stuff, trying to influence the result one way or another like a dumb pollster (you vote for Hillary Clinton or I kill you! That's a yes???) or using for evil may render the results useless for at least the individual being (very) foolish! Even so, that individual may never use the quantum computing "calculator" ever again!

Endless possibilities. Check it out! Have fun!

(Delivery to University of Oslo, Physics Institute in spring semester, 2000. Also having a walk to some students down to the National Assembly to talk things through.)

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