Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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Post by Beauty » Sat May 05, 2018 7:09 am

It and self
This world has things and people
for things we say it, for people that is like self
Itself is how the world is
and so it has it and self in it
it and self is what the world is(composed of)

So the creative principle of the world is itself
the world consists of it and self
interaction is between it and self, it and it, self and self, self and it
causing the eco-system of the world to be
The creative power of itself lies unto itself and its potential is infinite
so we have things infinitely small, infinitely big
If it is all itself
then no one is God or Lord
and so we have no God or Lord
The way life goes is - our action - our consequence - our fate(destiny)

God does not exist anywhere
We may consider our spirits God because they are very powerful and certainly our conscience guides us
We may consider money, love, power, faith, hope etc. God because they are very powerful
But there is no God or Lord
Itself everything is
Itself it is not
(We are also things, things having consciousness - spiritual heart and spiritual brain(mind), to feel and think.)

Spirit has mind
Physical has body but is in connection with mind
According to our spirit we have mind and body
Spirit is our essence
body gone, we are still there in spirit
spirit is said to be God for having consciousness
for things do not have consciousness

But everything sits equally powerful
and so
things are God, people(spirits) are God
and yet nothing and no one is God
and so
God is nothing, God is no one
If I say my essay is the best, nothing is better, immediately God looms up because God is nothing
and nothing being better among all the best
So God always sits at the top
(Another example: This is super, it's the best, nothing is better)(So nothing again sits topmost always.)
But this is all philosophy
in general
There is no God
There is no Lord
Infinite is the position of this world
And we can define ourselves as best as we want
accordingly is our life and world.

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