God sinned and won't admit

Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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God sinned and won't admit

Post by Beauty » Thu May 03, 2018 12:23 pm

God sinned in Heaven but won't admit as to the sinning. "God is Spirit."
We were all made in "God's image." We are in the physical. God is in the spiritual.
Physical is only a connection to its own spiritual.
When our spirit is to be no more here for having paid dues as regards this life,
Then our spirit goes and connection to our physical ends.
Physical perishes(It was just an image, although it's us when connected and like real so don't get fooled.)
Spiritual is there - our spirit - our essence - our reality.
So we never sinned but God sinned and we pay dues in the physical and God says that we sinned the original sin in Heaven.
Gods won't admit to their sinning ways and would like to sit as the big pompous good Gods,
Although Spirits above can be so so wicked Spirits.
People - fallen Gods here can be sinful too and many are, but we never sinned in the first place.
Gods have no excuse.
And so mysteries of life and world cannot be known fully - Gods are the wicked ones above because and won't admit that.
What do you think?

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