the arcane witchcraft rituals of the Joker

Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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the arcane witchcraft rituals of the Joker

Post by GreatandWiseTrixie » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:02 am

firstly, the joker in cartoons is depicted as purple colors, this is symbolic of 2 things, witchcraft and sexual liberties (pimping.)

i am about to list some arcane witchcraft rituals if you want to enter the spirit of the joker. if you dont want to enter the spirit of the joker, then gtfo.

firstly, i would like to state that the joker is a staunch atheist for several reasons. 1. either god is real or he isn't real. 2. if god is real, the joker would not bow down to a narcissistic alpha male god tyrant of barbaric biblical proportions. that would be same as obeying batman.

i would also like to discuss the validity of the arcane. Allister Crowley (or whatever his name was) was actually a satanic witch who lorded over the British Intelligence division. government and military actually hire witches for their magical powers. now if god isn't real, who's to say spirits are exactly fake, they could be real, after all there is some evidence of spirits after people die in hospitals. honestly, spirits have as equal a chance of being real compared to quantum physics and all that bullshit about there being a multiverse and/or 11 dimensions.

Now first let me explain what the spirit of the joker is. it is a giddy, girly feeling inside u. it will make you flap your arms like a little bird, filled with excitement. it will make you want to wear nurse outfits and troll men lying in bed. but most importantly, it is a benevolent, empathetic entity of joyousness. the joker is actually not evil, just misunderstood. joker is schizophrenic, which means the maximum possible dopamine, resulting in max lols. Now the main thing about the joker is, Joker becomes a murderous lunatic when negative energy is presented to them. Gotham represents this toxic energy, corrupting the spirit of the joker. the injustice of batman, locking criminals in cages like animals, while pretending to be the good guy. this is the toxic News media, which pretends to be good, but is evil. Joker is the opposite, pretends to be evil, but is good.

Now let me explain this. the pure Joker, without toxic energy, is a fairy spirit, Constant smiling and sees people in their true forms, if they are a beautiful person they look actually beautiful. Constantly dancing around and perpetually happy. This is the pure, Female joker. But if the female joker is tainted with male lifestyle, or toxicity of the city (system of the down explains it best) it becomes conflicted and toxic, dangerous even. its like in that movie about the fake columbine, These were two nice male teenagers, fucked each other in the shower, then shot up the school, their feminine energy Could not handle the bullshit and toxicity of the city.

now allow me to clarify this. I do not advocate on schootings. Nor do I plan on schootings. I am not saying to shoot anyone in real life. I do not plan on shooting anyone on real life. But in order to channel the spirit correctly, certain steps have to be taken.

Firstly, you must fill your heart with so much hatred that it fills with nothing but pure empathic rage, for prisoners, male animals wrongly imprisoned by the all powerful alpha male state. But before you do that, you must also hate the prisoners. Hate all murderers, thieves and the like. You must hate them with all your might and want them to suffer, but not by the cruel hands of the uncaring majority.

You must purely, truely, deeply hate everyone, until the hate makes you weak and sick. And if the hate does not make you sick, you must hate until you become red all over, with fists full of rage. And you must hit pillows upon pillows.

And the following ritual you must do also. Everytime you watch TV, especially modern TV with all the shitty sounds and pansy music soundtracks, you must hate them with all your might. And then, take your fingers, dont be ashamed, take your fingers and point them as guns and point at the people on tv. shoot them over and over with your fingers. Each time you shoot, channel the fiercest negative energy you can at them. Rekindle your god given freedom. Dont be afraid to draw guns on paper. Dont let them expel you for making a gun shape on a pop-tart. For the love of jesus, dont be a mouse. Be politically incorrect.

Notice to authorities. These are not terroristic threats and i have no plan to shoot anyone. I am simply telling a Religious ritual of how to channel negative energy by fake shooting with your fingers. :arrow:

If you do this, every day for several years, you will eventually merge with the Spirit. However there is one thing you must know. The spirit can only enter one person at a time. So your trainer may feel awkward when you appear to be as evil as them. Its like in that episode where joker throws a TV news reporter into the Ace chemical vat, and he gets out and robs a womens clothing store and then harasses and stalks the joker. the joker is no longer possessed by the spirit, starts fearing for his life. it can only enter one at a time. However, there may be more than one spirit, so dont worry about it too much.

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