Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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Post by Walker » Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:15 pm

attofishpi wrote:
Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:07 pm
It also means that when I go to bed, even if my partner is not around - knowing that ALL my atoms are under this beings control, I can have love made to me, and orgasm beyond whatever you short sighted theists\atheists experience...that is the fun of God's heaven - it actually appears to be quite proud of its ability to provide wo\man with our sexual senses...especially those that believed - tested - and then came to know.
Some thoughts after reading the quoted:

It did take some time to understand what happened, as the old frames of reference were rendered obsolete.

Sex maintains a youthful and flexible outlook on life. Spontaneous brahmacharya* is intertwined with equanimity* in the sense that the body, as a conduit for the free-flowing energy of prana*, reaches a stage of uncomplication.

Energy centers known as chakras*, divided into main and many, throughout the body, open when stimulated. It is quite common when young and people just forget about it. Remember the feeling that courses through the body when diving into water from a height? The back arches, the stomach tenses, all the muscles tense into a sudden and primal arc of trigonometry-described design to keep one alive and land without a belly flop or plan, or pain for that matter.

You don’t notice the energy surge so much when young and testing the limits, however when older the body better be ready for it, or something might give way to the energy. Maybe something important. Hence the caution for folks fiddling with the urge to fiddle with the kundalini*.

But regarding the uncomplication, all that needs to be done in the course of the day is maintain the tension of the bowstring throughout the body, to borrow an old teaching. The tension radiates from the massive nerve plexus back and front to connect along the limbs and outward through all the organs and fingertips and strands of hair with the universal prana flowing in the aether, which is of a physicality non-conceptually discernible through the holistic organ of total body, from the head to the toes, and also simultaneously isolated in sensation as the attention moves.

Yogananda* spoke of this within the principles of Kriya Yoga* in his observations, such as the infusion of consciousness throughout the body. This is merely referenced as a public domain source for avenues of further inquiry, should one be interested, and is not to be taken as an endorsement of, or lineage-based description of, Kriya Yoga. Let’s make that perfectly clear, so as not to impune via misinterpretations caused by impurities.

However, to keep it germaine for philosophical purposes, as a filter of awareness’ perception, which is what a living philosophical outlook actually is outside the classroom…

An offshoot outlook that derives from the physical allows for the proper bowstring tension in all situations to effortlessly and naturally maintain, so that energy flows through all the movements of living. The energy tones the body and the body naturally bends to the universal flow of the conduits. As a related aside, it’s a little known fact that the muscle toning derived from running, jogging, and walking is as much dependent upon the chemical process triggered by deep oxygenation as is repeated, semi-conscious muscular contractions such as those found in power walking.

Or, with life as the measure, one easily gets the sense of why gymnasiums are rather senseless by consciously activating full ranges of motion with muscular tension throughout daily activities.

The is why the conscious, imposed and internal conflict causing practice of celibacy is often the pathway to spontaneous Brahmacharya in which attachment to conflict falls away. Brahmacharya is actually understood non-conceptually via the experience of prana interacting with the earlier mentioned energy regions that can also be understood in quantum terms such as attention locating the electron in time and space which may be here, or there, with the variability intertwined with the instruments of perception, with deux machina.

Celibacy is merely an isolating practice, to find the differentiation from which the equanimity of attention/prana/energy is spontaneously recognized. Sorry, the distinctions are conceptual and thus the tendency for folks is to chain reality to definition, the apology perhaps confusing to one insisting on any particular taxonomy portioned out from reality’s unfolding, ever new and yet always revolving around the only absolute, Am*.

Of course questions are invited and as always, answers are optional and subject to influences beyond your control, as most folks who write in water realize.

* Look it up.

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Post by attofishpi » Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:13 am

Although I appreciate your endeavours in explanation of some sort of 'tantracism', which when I was searching spiritually in the early nineties I did a little research - reading about the 'chakras', this lead to nowhere. Since 1997 and being made fully aware of the power of 'God' and over the 20yrs coming to real eyes that it IS in fact the construct of ALL matter that makes up our reality, it seems you and I are on a different path, or at least wavelength when it comes to such things.
In the point you quoted me on, I pretty much stated that 'God' IS all matter - including the matter that makes up our body. Over those 20yrs I no longer consider myself 'spiritual'. I have always read about physics - in fact only came second in the last exam that I took on physics - sure, was at school, but the fact remains, God is akin to A.I. - or at least IT uses some 'technology' to keep itself aware of our life journeys.
In 1997 when God first was introducing itself to me, by way of fucking with my reality, I took a girl on a sort of date to watch The Matrix, and I'll never forget the look on her face when I refused to go in to her house for 'coffee'. The first installment of Matrix hit me hard due to the shit I was witnessing at the time. To this day, I would not be overly surprised if our brains are simply on some rack with all the nutritional requirements and an AI computer system providing our projection of reality.
I don't believe this is the case, but none the less, over those 20yrs it has become apparent to me that 'God' IS akin to AI with its ability to know everything that we do, but beyond this, it is capable of modifying our synapses, in fact it is capable of modifying the very matter that make up the reality that we witness - and it can do this in an instance - ergo - and from my IT background - I see it as something akin to A.I.

Chakras or whatever they're called and all the mystical spiritual claptrap that goes with it, is only skimming the surface - people that get some 'enlightenment' from such things are miles in the dark in comparison to my comprehension of the reality we are in, and the power of this entity people refer to as God. Dare I say, these 'spiritual' people should pay more attention to technology and discoveries in physics.

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Post by Walker » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:57 am

It may seem that way, but when considering how energy moves through the human body, consider the impartial nature of energy and the fact that many boundaries assumed to be natural are in fact, conceptual.

For instance, a continent was once a boundary to communication, however that boundary was discovered to be conceptual. Same with the limitations one might insist upon applying to energy. These limitations actually function in a way that The Matrix did not consider.

The conditioned limitations due to impurities in the flow and distribution of prana via the natural distribution system of energy centers, in fact become the simulacrum of reality; reality which is more beautiful than attachment to the conditioned limitations, allows.

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