"I am the am," not the I

Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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"I am the am," not the I

Post by Beauty » Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:11 am

We came into existence. Who came? We came. But we were not there, so who came? Who comes? When pen is not yet made but is to be made, what is to be made? Pen, but pen is not there, its design, info is there, and that comes into being and is called pen. Info is first and pen accordingly is afterwards. Info is spirit of the pen, and pen is the physical according to its spirit. So when pen comes into existence pen didn't, its info came into existence and became the pen we see today.
I is the spirit in us that comes into being am. Am comes from I which is spirit - information database - thinking, feeling, understanding, memory,and so forth.
And so we are here, and we are not the I.
And so Jesus said, "I am the am," not the I.
So then I am not I
In the I am
I am only the am according to the I that came into being as am.
I is my essence - spirit. I is eternal, there.
Am can come and go.
Info regarding the pen is there.
Pen can come and go(manufactured or not according to info - blueprint).
So in all, I am the am, and so we say I am so and so.

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