Why do good people suffer?

Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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Re: Why do good people suffer?

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Can I borrow your crystal ball, or do you use tarot cards?

All life on planet earth has a lifespan, though it varies, this is not the same thing as the possibility that a species continues. You may see beauty in the continuance of the human species, but I surely don't, as evidenced by his lack of proper caretaking. The rest of the animal, and the entire plant, kingdom, well now that's an entirely different story. Of course let me be fair, if he finally gets his shit together, I can see a possible place for man.

I see beauty in the plant kingdom, and that of the animal, excluding man, (as he currently is). As I look at it, I am joyous, but at the same time, I cry, as I suffer, as I think of how mankind treats it. And within this reflection, I see the inevitability of mans suicide, as I shed the final tear, I suffer.
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Re: Why do good people suffer?

Post by mtmynd1 »

Hjarloprillar wrote: In the short term yes..
But all life is not destined to perish.
Evolution exists why/?
The "short term" meaning your own life..? How short is short in your mind, Pri?

Life forms of any and all types that have inhabited and are inhabiting this single planet in our known universe are bound to the laws of Nature where all life forms wear out and no longer have the ability to sustain the life force resulting in what we commonly call 'death'.

Evolution does not exist to suspend death from occurring. Evolution exists as a survival method to extend the life of those life forms who have the ability to do so.
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Re: Why do good people suffer?

Post by skakos »

Hjarloprillar wrote:
skakos wrote:I cannot agree to that. Life can be beautiful as well. Accepting the One is incompatible with accepting "Misery is everything" in life...

Without misery how would we know pleasure.. endorphins?
Without black there is no white.

In everyday life i see about me a sea of souls without thought beyond the next meal or bill to pay.
Has 10,000 years come to nothing?

And humanity.. what goal has it? nothing.
But to roll on. a great black machine of experience in the Now.
We call ourselves civilized when in fact we are all now sheep without adventure or spirit.

Without frontiers. And within this festering social system. Life is a joke
I really think the "pleasure" that pain makes us see, is the eternal to which we turn whenever our life here is completely destroyed...
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