Telepathy , telepathy is possible???

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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Re: Telepathy , telepathy is possible???

Post by Greylorn Ell » Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:12 pm

zexwiththeuniverse wrote:I am sorry to tell you but I think you are delusional to even consider telepathy as being possible. There are other things regarding this subject that could be possible. Some schizophrenics can have credible information. Some of them are very smart and have very high i.q.'s. And some labeled with the disease don't even have it. But speaking from someone who has experience with meeting schizophrenics on a first name basis, I have met schizophrenics that claim they have the ability to insert thoughts into peoples heads and also to remove them.But your looking in the wrong place. Don't be looking in psych wards for people that can do that. I don't think this is possible for anyone to do outright. You could however find experienced cold readers or hypnotists with amazing capabilities, but it would never be considered telepathy. I would be looking at the 99.9thpercentile of I.Q. of the nation. These people could probably pretend to have telepathy through cold reading and even people with average I.Q.'s can make it appear this way. In fact I know someone who is schizophrenic who's wife thinks he could read her mind but it is only because of intuition and cold reading, he is very smart. Telepathy just probably will not be possible yet. And I say probably because there are people out there that are way more advanced then everyone else. But I just do not see this as being possible yet. Give it 100,000 years.
Here is an easy experiment that anyone can perform. Arrange an in-home dinner party that includes four individuals, mixed sexes, with minimum IQs of 120 each. Serve wine freely with dinner. During dessert, preferably with a least one cup of rich coffee or tea per person, propose a telepathy experiment. If it's a go, start by clearing the table and placing a pile of magazines thereon. Choose one person as sender (not you. You are so skeptical that you must be the last sender, if at all, because you will kill the experiment.)

Gather writing implements and plain white paper, perhaps clipboards to hold the paper. Provide some to each receiver. Each receiver should be seated around the room, or even adjacent rooms where they can at least hear when to begin. Space them, so that they do not see one another's papers. Arrange to have them facing away from the sender's table, or place paper grocery bags over their heads. Lock barking dogs and whining children in the cellar dungeon, unless they want to participate. (Good dogs are strongly telepathic with humans. That's how the "dog whisperer" works. Problem is, dogs don't draw very well.)

The sender then picks up a magazine of his/her preference, and quickly scans its pages for images. The more striking the image the better. It is important that the image be interesting to the sender. Full page ads are usually the best, because ads have a point of focus. Don't use images from the first and final pages, which may have been visible to all. Of course, no cover images. Unusual images get the strongest hits. (In one experiment, the image was a chain of TV sets with an image of the TV within an image, etc. No one figured out the TV angle, but everyone got some version of a chain of boxes within boxes.)

When the sender locates a suitable image, he notifies the receivers and begins to focus intensely upon the image. Alternating between eyes open and closed works well. Receivers will work best with eyes closed. When each receiver has obtained an image he draws it on paper.

I recommend that each sender transmit two or three separate images each turn. When done, gather the receivers and their drawings around the table for comparisons. Make your own judgments as to success or failure.

Let each person take a turn at sender. Some are better senders than receivers. Don't worry overmuch about properly scientific experimental controls. After all, you'll only be inviting intelligent and honorable guests, in hope of retaining your complete silverware service. Common sense works. The idea is to have fun and learn something new.

Note that this simple experiment takes "cold reading" out of the picture. It's fine to invite skeptics, but more interesting to share the experiment among people with diverse opinions. In my experience, skeptics usually make good senders, weak receivers. If a skeptic blows off the success of the experiment by claiming that the receivers peeked, serve him the cheap whiskey.

You can add to the merriment by including a hypnotist within the group, to work as sender after first placing all receivers in a light, semi-conscious trance, or all the way into deep trance if someone wants to go there. This will greatly enhance the experiment, I suspect. Hypnotized people are highly susceptible to telepathic suggestion.

BTW, if an intense skeptic like yourself is a weakly-hypnotized receiver, you'll be able to disrupt the experiment by transmitting your own images. (I once used this trick to bollix up a past-life regression experiment, while partially hypnotized, by getting the poor fools in the room to imagine themselves to be the reincarnated members of an infamous pirate crew, by transmitting recalled snippets of an old Errol Flynn movie seen the night before.)

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