Split and Merge Consciousness and Soul

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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Split and Merge Consciousness and Soul

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Just an interesting assumption in succinct form I may like to share.
Assume that Panpsychism or Functionalism is true, then please consider two identical functioning devices 1 and 2.
Devices 1 carries with consciousness A and devices 2 carries with consciousness B respectively
(from Panpsychism or Functionalism's assumption that some functioning system has consciousness).
If I swap half of the device 1's components with device 2's components, then would the consciousness A be now in device 1 or 2?
(consciousness B also got the same problem).
My solution to this question would be that A splits into two consciousness streams, one merges with consciousness in device 2 and the other stays in device 1. Similarly B also splits into two consciousness streams, one merges with consciousness in device 1 and the other stays in device 2.

However, there remains a problem here.
If instead swapping half of the device's components, how about if I just swap 1/10 of the devices, or one component of the devices,
or even just one atom of the devices? Due to the Unity of Consciousness, it is IMPOSSIBLE to just split away fractions of consciousness
(please try to consider half, or 1/10 of your consciousness, it does not make sense).
Hence even only a very small fraction (a few atoms?) of substances swapping can still get some chance of a whole consciousness stream getting split away. However, then consider your constant brain's metabolism with the environment that probably had some of your brain's substances eventually being absorbed by other creature's brain cells, but your consciousness seemingly NEVER split away and merge with other consciousness.

Therefore, ordinary substances exchange are NOT sufficient to split away consciousness.
How about the continuity of the conventional notions of brain states/processes are also required?
As those factors are also being continuously changed, and even if their continuity is disrupted due to coma, injuries, sleep, disease, etc..
but the 'self' inside your brain is still being consistent. Therefore, those factors are NOT necessary to carry your 'self' either (though their mechanical processes are still necessary for the proper functioning of your consciousness).

Hence, the only possibility left is that there are some kind of unknown mysterious entities in the biological brain that are uniquely and crucially associated with your 'self' stream, such that even if some of them are getting absorbed by other creature's due to metabolism through environment, they will lose its ability to carrying your 'self' stream once being exposed to outer environment or being 'reset' by such other creature's brain for associating them to the creature's own 'self' stream (Of course, if those entities's conditions are being artificially and carefully maintained during transferring, you will still a chance of being split and merged with the other creature's consciousness stream).

In conclusion, any consistent self stream requires a continuity of the process of those special entities (One possible example is that each consciousness instance in a self stream involves a subset of the set of those special entities involved in the preceding consciousness instance, by such now it can explain why the consistent self is being maintained in the brain even if different set of neurons are involved and dynamically change from time to time for each consciousness instance. If this speculation is true, consciousness stream can still split when two or more consciousness instances with their set of entities overlap with a preceding one, or merge when one consciousness instance with its set of entities overlap with multiple preceding ones). Such requirement of special unknown mysterious entities necessary for consciousness is similar to some people's (e.g. Roger Penrose, etc..) view of consciousness should require additional yet-to-be discovered elements to account for it, and contrary to the popular views (Panpsychism, Functionalism, Emergentism,..,etc..) that the current knowledge of physics are sufficient to explain consciousness.
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