Luxury Projected Through Technology As Cause of Identity Crisis

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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Luxury Projected Through Technology As Cause of Identity Crisis

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Sat May 11, 2019 7:23 pm

Luxury is a subjective state. Noone really can agree on what it is. Technology, at least modern technology considering technology is an inevitable state of the human condition, is premised on this subjective state of luxury. This subjective nature, not universally agreed upon, results in a potentially infinite number of technologies that replicate the subjective state of the observer which uses them. This is a problem considering that this technology is the means through which we is a way of life, and when this "way of life" is fundamentally fragmented

A simpler example is variations in gaming technology over the years. Owning a nintendo 64 has fundamentally different memories/experiences for those who used them than the current PS(Whatever) so while one generation grows up with one set of the experiences another does not. A generation gap occurs in this regard caused fundamentally by a lack of technology transfer, considering technology is a way of life, in which one generation is separated in accords by the experiences of the other.

A more practical example would be simple logging. The techniques of using an axe/handsaw (as well as the axe/handsaw) would be passed down from father to son through the course of time causing a form of "bonding" through an information transfer. With the creation of the chainsaw, during that time period, an information/way of life gap occurred between generations briefly. This caused a form of separation where one generation did not percieve reality the same way in which another did. Now take that at the everyday modern level, with the increasing rate of change in technology, and we see this "seperation" fundamentally multiplies causing a perceived generation and sub-generation gap where people cannot transfer a way of life (which is grounded fundamentally in knowledge of a way of life) to another generation.

This causes a cognitive dissonance and a sense of alienation which multiplies not just to a general sense of coldness and hostility but fundamentally a question of personal identity due to a loss of basic sacrifice (ie "loss of self") which is inherent within not just natural law but fundamental tenets of religious dogma.

Add in the simple fact technology replaces the human condition and this multiplies the problem. Where a group of men may bond over simply collecting wood because of the technology of axe work the chain saw effectively nullifies this bond by eradicating a group effort.

It also causes a greater separation of the human condition, a greater perception of subject/object dichotomy, at the intuitive level where the individual(s) is less personally involved with the work they are involved in. Breaking a sweat with an axe vs a chainsaw causes an absence of connection in certain respects, hence an absence of respect and responsibility, due to less "blood, sweat and tears". This shedding of blood, sweat and tears, empirically and intuitively is "loss of self" that necessitates a connection whether one likes it or not. I may hate playing "x" sport...but if I spent years sweating over it trying to master eventually because an extension of my identity in one degree or another and that perceived "hatred" fundamentally lessens. While this applies to the sport it also reflects back to the above point of group create a bond with those you suffer with whether you like it or just happens.

Paradoxically this "suffering" causes a greater sense of stability; hence less "suffering". In this manner suffering takes on a more meaningful role while fundamentally being transformed into something of value rather than "pointless". This absence of meaningful suffering leads to the inherent nihilistic state we see increase in 1st world countries which in turn is reflected in this "lack of growing up" (of both sexes) where the technology acts as a "womb" we are unable to birther ourselves out of (see "yani worship/nihilism thread") which further multiplies to not just further relational difficulties but the general sexual identity crisis we see in first world countries (I mean "crisis" not in the strict straight/gay/whatever manner only but the basic means of a man's/woman's/child's role in society).

Sacrifice has not only an inherent bonding element to it but fundamentally one of identity as well.

This bonding is necessary, not just for empirical survival, but intuitively as well where a sense of felt "connection" creates a necessary moral bond which fundamentally lessens vice in one manner or another as each person become an extension of the other's identity hence self-preservation instinct.

And I will stop here...

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Re: Luxury Projected Through Technology As Cause of Identity Crisis

Post by Harbal » Sun May 19, 2019 11:42 am

I think whatever it is that you are trying to say here is too complicated for your communication skills, which are far from complicated. I would applaud your efforts in the face of this difficulty were it not for my suspicion that what you are trying to say would not be worth saying even had you the ability to say it.

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