Emotions as Spatial Axioms and Deterministic

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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Emotions as Spatial Axioms and Deterministic

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 5:43 pm

Value is a focal point we curve our actions and emotions around, we are left with an inherent nature of measurement itself. A strict deterministic model of the universe requires space folding through space in various degrees at its core.

Even the basic values, through which we are tied by intuitive reasoning (emotion) reduce basic emotions to spatial terms and as such have a deterministic nature in the respect one limit replicates into another showing an inherent cause and effect paradigm.

I "feel":

1. Up-(Happy, Joyful, Elated, Etc.)
2. Down-(Sad, Depressed, Sorrowful, etc.).
3. Left/Wave- (Loose, flowing, boundless, soft, etc.)- Evidenced in the emotional nature of Left Wing Politics, Chaotic Left Hand Path of Faiths
4. Right/Line- (Rigid, still, bounded, hard, etc.)- Evidence in the emotional nature of Right Wing Politics, Ordered Right Hand Path of Faiths
5. Deep- (heavy condensed dark,
6. Shallow- (light non-condensed light
7. Forward- (Hopeful, optomistic, moving towards a goal)
8. Back- (
9. In- (self centered, selfish)
10. Out- (out going, selfless)
11. Full
12. Empty
13. Separated
14. Connected
15. Original (point)
16. Non-Original (in line)
17. Whole
18. Pieces
19. Spinning
20. Level
21. Directed
22. No Direction (lost)
23. Expanding- (growing)
24. Contracting- (shrinking)
25. Converging- (joining)
26. Diverging- (seperating)
27. Small
28. Large
x. Etc. (list will be expanded)


"He is centered."
"He is spiraling out of control."
"He rose to the occasion."
"He fell from his goal."
"Life has its ups and downs."
"He is narrow minded and looks only at his mark".
"He is running around in circles".
"He is punctual and to the point".
"He does/does not fit in the groove".
x. Etc. (list will be expanded.

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