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Perception and Viewing All as Shallow.

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:35 pm
by Eodnhoj7
The word "perspective" is rooted in the Latin word perspicere meaning "to see through", and inherently reflects a projective nature to sight.

The observer, in the act of seeing through a phenomena penetrates the same phenomena effectively opening it up in such a manner where it's composition is exposed. This exposition of the internal relations, in contrast to the external composition of the phenomenon necessitates perspective as fundamentally the unveiling of various dimemsions to existence.

The exterior of the phenomenon, as merely a surface representation of all it contains, is reduced to another surface phenomena, upon penetration to the interior, considering this interior is now what is perceived.

This is in interesting point to note, considering the surface of the phenomena is not just what defines it but as well what it contains. To "see through" the interior further would in effect cause the internal composition of the phenomenon to become exterior with this interior/exterior nature continuing on progressively as further perception ensues.

The surface of the phenomena, through the act of persception is directed towards another surface phenomena, where a form of unfolding occurs in which the phenomena inverts from one surface to another.

For example, I may looked at a car. The car is fundamentally a 2 dimensional object, but exists as three dimensional because of two eyes. Covering 1 eye my depth perception decreases by about thirty percent with the remaining awareness of depth existing because of the corresonding movements of myself, the car (if it is moving), and surrounding environment give an appearance of depth.

However the car itself is a 2 dimensional entity, where any variation of change is a synthetic dimension of depth.

The exterior of the car as two dimensional, upon entering its interior observes an exterior view again of the insides. Upon further entrance into the mechanics of the car, the previously interior elements become exteriors.

Regardless of the point of view of the car, a continual exterior of it is observed where it is always viewed as a 2 dimensional object.

The nature of seeing through, as persception, always leads to a shallow view of phenomenon through any means it is observed, where one exterior replicates into another, then another so on and so further. What is inside, relative to the exterior, is merely a potential state of the actual phenomenon.

Memory occurs as a third eye in these respects, as the interior and exterior of the phenonomenon are seen in relation to eachother and set of two 2 dimensional phenomena coexist under a third 2 dimensional nature of depth.

This depth is the relation of these two shallow images as a center point which not just synthesizes them, but effectively gives origin to these two shallow images to begin with through the act of persception as projective in nature.

This projective nature inherent within persception, as "seeing through", necessitates depth as an active form of change from one exterior image to the next through a means of synthesis between varying 2 dimensional images that effectively exist as one shallow image in themselves.

Even a 2 dimensional image as moving, gives allusion to depth (tv screen), based upon the inversion of one image to another.

The nature of perception in turn acts a a degree of inversion from one shallow image to another and is effectively void in these respects of any form or nature, as perception is effectively "nothing" given embodied ment through a projective form of change.

Upon interior projection towards the self, the subjective experience takes on a shallow role as a continual projection into the self gives appearance to void or nothing. In these respects the perception, as projective is merely a point of awareness in changing phenomenon as multiple shallow images multiplying and dividing into further images.

Upon observation through thought, these images effectively synthesize into a fuller version of the phenomena where the interior and exterior are connected through a ratio of one memory to another as an inherent connection of the various exteriors which compose the object and make it fuller in nature.

Even this object of thought, as synthetically unified by the joining of these memories through establishing connections by reasoning (observing the inherent symmetry of one memory to another as fitting into the other as a "ratio") itself becomes shallow as 1 interconnected set of images. However this 1 multidimensional phenomenon, joined through reason and founded in memory, observes the act of persception (seeing through) as having a synthetic nature where depth acts as a form of joining many images into one image.

Re: Perception and Viewing All as Shallow.

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 4:47 am
by Veritas Aequitas
Therefore God exists?

Re: Perception and Viewing All as Shallow.

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:44 am
by Eodnhoj7
Veritas Aequitas wrote:
Thu Nov 15, 2018 4:47 am
Therefore God exists?
Does your argument exist?