The Line as the Foundation of Intelligence.

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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The Line as the Foundation of Intelligence.

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:20 pm

1) All intelligence exists through the act of definition.

2) The act of definition observes the connection and seperation of phenomena through the limit of the line where one phenomena is directed to another phenomena (hence directed away from itself) necessitating a seperation while simultaneously observing this seperation through direction as connective when viewed as negative (A directed to B observe A and B as "one" with this directive quality is negated).

3) This limit of separation and connection exists fundamentally through reason as a directive quality.

4) The direction of one phenomena to another, or the perceived unity of the phenomena by absence of direction to the other, exists as a limit in itself which is unified as 1 directional.

5) This one directional quality of relation or absence of direction (-1 dimensional), is premised in the line which can be observed intuitively through intelligence as the connection and seperation of phenomena through the line.

6) The line existing through intelligence observe the line as intelligence as an extension of it, hence intelligence and the line are connected through their own limit as limit where intelligence exists through the line and the line exists through intelligence.

7) The line as intelligence observes a folding process where the line exists through further lines that effectively invert through eachother as both composing and being composed of further lines. (This can be observed practically in the linear nature of argument and reasoning folding through other arguments and reasoning or the application of a line to a piece of wood causing the wood to exist through line, etc.).

8) The line existing through the line under a constant inversion as "folding" (which we observe intuitively under statements such as "reality unfolding before us", etc.) observes intelligence as a process of folding through inversion.

9) Inversion is axiomatic as inversion, where the 1 line changes to multiple lines by an absence of structure due to 0 dimensionality embodied through the 0d point, is the foundation of the axiom considering all axioms existing through other axioms are in themselves inversive.

10) The line existing through inversion observes intelligence as fundamentally inversive by its nature of seperating (unity to multiplicity) and connecting (multiplicity to unity) through the line.

11) The geometric limit of the line is the foundation of Intelligence.

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