"I" as the Foundation of Measurement

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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"I" as the Foundation of Measurement

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:45 pm

If we look at the nature of "I" as the foundation of all consciousness in its ability to measure, with the act of measurement:

1) Observing the whole of a reality through a chain of causes as 1 structure.
2) Observing the relation of parts by localizing them into singular units.
3) Observing the connection of parts as 1 and the seperate of parts as multiple 1's.

The "external" projective nature of the "I", in which "I" projects itself past itself as both a part directed towards another part effectively observes the "I" as relativistic.

The "internal" reflective (mirroring) nature of the "I", in which "I" is directed through itself as itself observes an inherent degree of self-maintianance through self-structuring...in these respects the "I" as "I" through "I" manifests a degree of consistence.

The "I" is both relative and absolute in these respects and as both is inherent "neutral" as the "limit" of consciousness itself while effectively being neither absolute or relative in the respect all limits exist through no-limit (possible limits) where the "I" is fundamentally without boundaries.

The "I" in this respect exists through 1 as 1 where all acts of measurement are premised in qualititative unity/units and quantitative 1/1's.

All measurement is founded in the observation of 1 in these respects stemming through the "I" as one. We can see intuitively the "I" in english mirroring the one of its latin/roman roots where both seem to connect in some respect.

This point may be obscure and I may have to elaborate further.

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