I Am That I Am Not.

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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Re: I Am That I Am Not.

Post by Reflex » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:30 pm

I am, am not, and yet I am THAT which is in all things.

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Re: I Am That I Am Not.

Post by daramantus » Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:56 am

Dontaskme wrote:
Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:38 am
Greta wrote:
Dontaskme wrote:ARTIST: Son, how do you make a marble sculpture of an elephant?
SON: That's easy, pop. Ya just chisel away everything that's not an elephant.
At times I too have thought about the changes over all these billions of years being akin to a sculpture gradually taking shape. The further we move in time, the more detailed reality becomes.

By the same token, as we age we become ever "more like ourselves". Over the years we are ever more shaped by the conditioning of our nature; increasingly time reveals the impact of the internal and external journeys that our inclinations take us, and thus ultimately define us.
Thanks for your thoughts Greta.

I've never seen it in that vein. I've always seen it from the inside out, in that what we really are has always been, and what we only think we are never was. The OP was my way of a metaphor for that realisation. We are first and foremost spirit having a human experience, not a human having a spiritual experience...but then I don't even think it's spiritual either, to me, spirit sounds too personified ..I'm leaning more towards life being nothing more than the play of shadow and light and sound...nothing special.

I mean why should a human think itself special, why would it believe it is the centre stage ..akin with the God stories of man being made in God image. As if God was a non-physical human and the human was the physical representation of that? ... It doesn't gel with me. No, for me, it's all just nothing being everything which is nothing....some like to call this God, and why not, human called itself human, this energy can call itself what the heck it want's ..it even calls itself energy. I mean what else is nothing going to call itself. What on earth could this possibly be? I know said a thought..lets call it a (.....) and the mind which cannot be found anywhere.... fills in the blank...using sound, nothing more than sound. :wink:

As far as I can see this is nothing more that an endless fictional story about characters that only exist as dream images appearing as if they were real.. which is true in a sense, but what people don't often see, is there is nothing behind the image, the sound, or the light. Some people do see this and I'm one of them.

My gut feeling is that everything the human being ever believed in is nothing but pure fantasy, story and fiction, none of which ever happened.
It's not even cruel to say that either, it's not cruel to go through all this for nothing, when one realises nothing was ever happening anyway.

Animals are going through same scenarios as us, and they don't go around praying to some imaginary God for salvation. They just deal with all the gory process of living and dying without so much as a bat of the eyelid.

"for me, it's all just nothing"
basically nihilism, prove it.

" being everything"
nothing is the opposite of everything, and your concept of everything, and everything you know is limited of your own understanding, therefore you cannot know everything, as a bit of what i know you do not know, so ur bullshit doesnt even make sense.

" which is nothing"
nothing is space. you are a conscious being talking about nothing but you do not even know what is it.
nothing = space
object = a thing.

you = observer. conscious, alive. you born, you live,

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