[A New Outlook On Personallity]

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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[A New Outlook On Personallity]

Post by mystical_universe » Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:44 pm

[A New Outlook On Personallity]

our characteristics, principles, idiosyncrasies, and emotional threshold are the key elements that ultimately define the person we really are yes?,


There is no such thing as a fixed, constant, or Identical State of being that could help define and characterize a life of a individual.

The truth is that whoever we are, whenever we are,

is pure Circumstantial and not predetermined.

we all really do have multiple personalities,

the only reason why we do not realize that is because we are only able to experience one at a time, because we instantly and automatically filter them out by factoring in these 5 ever-changing key variables,

[circumstantial], [environment], [intoxication], [instinct] [emotional state]

those 5 key elements are what shape the person we are as of this moment, and would remain so, if not for the constant changes in life,

as long as there will be change in life,

there will be change in personality....

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Re: [A New Outlook On Personallity]

Post by Beauty » Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:50 pm

Personality is person and his/her reality as to who and what the person is. Who means status, designation, position etc., and what means look, bearing, traits, interests, character etc.
No one can have multiple personalities, for the person is one.
Personality can be circumstantial, in that you are right.
Our personality depends upon our emotional and mental make-up, our fate in life, and the whole eco system.
Personality can be circumstantial, and it is, but only so long as the circumstance is there otherwise not, circumstance changes, personality will change.
Our mental and emotional get-up keeps changing, environment also keeps changing, our thinking changes, our actions change, so personality will change.
People are wicked, people are good, so accordingly circumstances/life will change for we must undergo consequences to actions, and so personality will reflect that.
We could be a Devil in Hell, or a God in Heaven and our personality will reflect that.
We could be in Hell but turned towards being a good person, then our future life in Heaven will reflect that personality.
We could be in Hell but a bad person still, then our future life in Hell will reflect our personality accordingly.

P.S Eco system means - all life and its interaction with things and vice-versa. For example: mountains have an effect on us, but we also affect mountains.

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