Can consciousness be far behind ?

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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Can consciousness be far behind ?

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The implications are starting: ... tw&src=SOC

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Re: Can consciousness be far behind ?

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Philosophy Explorer / article wrote:. . . Because every person’s brain is so unique, and the neural activity must be picked up directly from the brain, it would be difficult to create a general brain-to-text device for the average consumer, says Brunner. . . .

Variable realization. There's no universal formal system underlying and ensuring "M_neural-pattern" triggers "N_text". It's a contingent correlation particular to the way Stephen Hawking's or whoever's individual memory and learning process developed.

Same would apply to externally representing what a person is privately experiencing. What reliably shows as a farm landscape when test-subject Hank is thinking to himself instead shows as an evening in a restaurant for test-subject Wilma when she's hooked to the mind probe (if still using the correlation scheme unique to Hank's brain).
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