Newly discovered brain links

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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Newly discovered brain links

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This article explains its implications: ... une-system

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Re: Newly discovered brain links

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I saw some fruit-cake on Face Book claim "What they have known in the East for a thousand years, the West has finally caught up with".

Any twat, even a medieval Chinaman can figure out that the brain is connected to the immune response. What this means is that we now have the hard evidence with which that knowledge is now made useful. Before it was airy-fairy; no we have something to work with.

Early days, but this could mean a lot.
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Re: Newly discovered brain links

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I've just been reading Why Do People Get Ill by Darian Leader and David Corfield, which provides quite a good introduction to this area, if you can stomach the most speculative of Leader's Freudian/Lacanian noodlings.

Possibly what the Facebook fruitcake had in mind was how unusual Western thought is in trying to strip illness, even what is defined as 'mental illness' (problematic concept) of any meaning. This does not, of course, neccessarily mean any denial of a connection between brain and immune response.
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