awarenesss of ego

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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awarenesss of ego

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Is the awareness of ego in others and our selves our true self. So we difine our selves by means of ego.
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Re: awarenesss of ego

Post by hammock »

Ego - n. ego, part of a person which distinguishes itself from others, the "I" part of the psyche

Really just by definition as far as the example / choice above goes; or such falls out of an analysis of the concept. [No new knowledge is uncovered for the public knowledge base at large, or created / proposed.] Any meta-awareness (super-ego) of its differentiating could actually be recursive or a nested iteration within the supposed "ego" itself. Adding a modifier like "true" doesn't confirm the belief or hypothesis of ego or a suggested "super-ego" consequence from meta-awareness of the ego.

If ego referred more to the activity itself of "distinguishing __ from others", then that would seem a routine which is indeed performed both consciously and unconsciously. Rather than lexicons submitting it as a person component which then becomes suspect as merely a useful or practical idea. [Though "ego" might be construed as symbol for either the set of instructions or the native conditioning (inherent habit) which compels the process of distinguishing.]

Arguably the concrete distinctness of the body itself could be substituted for self, but the ego term's special purpose is emphasizing the not so immediately apparent psychological differences between individuals K and L (memories, interests, personality, etc) as opposed to the quick, empirical smack of spatial location / separation and somatic form.
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Re: awarenesss of ego

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jackles wrote:Is the awareness of ego in others and our selves our true self. So we difine our selves by means of ego.
For the most part, yeah. But then, we must ask, "What is awareness?", if not some external ego that we create.
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