Game of nevent

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Game of nevent

Post by Montgomery77 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:18 pm

Game of Nevent

(Nevent) that is here sheltered within parenthesis, will not be fully defined, mapped, charted or revealed in the following discourse; rather (it is) the author or inventor- authority without origination- that watches over my text.

The game of Nevent is to de-logic (itself); (it is) an un-writing, stemming from an irreducible excess of difference; As we shall see, (it) will envelope the matrix or womb of what we will call "Nontology".

If this were a "Neventology", with its own systematic array of principles and laws (nomology), set forth and "taking place", in a reasonable fashion, within the confines of this "here"- in the very moment that hides and expels Nevent- then our Beginning, origin, "point in time", start, revelation, "truth" would be produced here in a tranquil scientific discourse.

Were this a Neventology, it would be time (chronos) to diagram the essential moments of Nevent and (its) logical development through a series of complex and conflicting dualities (temporal/atemporal, Temporality/eternity, time/ timeless, reality/unreality, etc); time to put forth a set of definitions and maxims on the subject, and to, in the final forms of our analysis, elucidate solutions and unities with recourse to finality, being, judgment, death and synthesis- eschatology of nevent- unifications of dualisms that would come together in an absolute circularity or convergence, the circumference of which It would be time, finally, to enclose within its proper limit.

But the axis upon which Nevent moves is structured otherwise.

More precisely, (it is) the very de-centering of all structures- Nontology- whether they be called historical, theological, metaphysical, or scientific; all of the above have always functioned on the self-forgetting of Nevent, i.e, of what becomes before (Anterior) "thinking" and "perception"- systems or codes that are diverse, multifarious, complex- yet fail to mend certain fractures and faults that operate within their respective interiors.

The very game of Nevent is "not to occur"; rather (it is) that peculiarity disrupting, haunting, producing and de-naturing all occurrences.

(It) achieves this, as I have said, by virtue of (its) anteriority that precedes thought, an alterity that escapes "Hegelian Synthesis", and (its) mode of being is to occult (itself) in what is "not it"(reality, existence, presence) while moving on a different Temporal axis where "thinking dies out" (Heidegger).

With that in mind, we are now prepared to set forth some definitions:

To define the word "reality" as the self-forgetting and occultation of Nevent.

To define the "Now"as the place where the erasing of Nevent functions.

This "now" or events as such, in the real, then become a determined moment of Nevent, or rather the time and place allowing Nevent not to occur- a reservoir of difference.

Nevent, which is essentially (pre-time/ in-time) can thus be "determined" within a certain era of historical time.

Yet the concepts of "history" and " time"- as a rule- already subvert, contain, and elude all definitions and logies; they open an endless interplay of dynamic, incongruous, and fully operational machines of logical determinations. These "logic machines", however powerful in their domination of scientific, theological, and philosophical terrains, their millennial reign that is the Great Line of western metaphysics, have been harboring- in their core, in their sublated unities, in all their vital points- a quanta of non-identity without reference to the primacy of identification (nevent). This non as it were allows an unprecedented restructuration of the entire domain of conceptuality. The applications of this new program, at once undefined and borderless, are presently renewing the game of language and the even greater play ahead of us: the future-anterior of thought.


In order to go beyond history , a Nevent must be en-lit, written, and revealed within the movement of Temporality (yet Nevent does not just come on the scene, one day, after the fact, in revelation- (it is) pre-comprehended in the structural-linearity of events that suppress (it).

The entire history of man is identical to the suppression of Nevent.

A Nevent that not only abandons (itself) as tied to "the now", but one that equally displaces all that opposes this "Here and Now", all that operates within the framework of presence/absence; in short, a Nevent that leads to an entirely other understanding of history.

Like the "Trace of Derrida", no system of thought, no "Logy" is prepared to master it. (it is) precisely that which escapes mastery.

The form of en-light, Understanding, or writing that must evoke such a Nevent is...the impossible as a determined moment of the realm of mind.

An impossibility that must take shape in the form inscriptions, texuality,or simulacra, and erase (itself) while still remaining readable ( in the grammatological sense).

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