Thought versus Resolve: an answer to a question

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Thought versus Resolve: an answer to a question

Post by The Voice of Time » Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:00 am

Some time ago now I asked a question of when we should be thinking and when we should have resolve, and just now I had a brief glimpse of a possible path that might lead to a more profitable exploration of the dilemma. It might seem rather obvious, but too often philosophy is about clarifying the obvious that you just don't spot and which you therefore in beforehand just can't act by.

By brief glimpse was one should think, when in doubt, and one should act, when in certainty, and in prioritizing when to think and when to have a resolve, you should keep in mind the state of yours doubts and the state of your certainties, and ask yourself "what doubts do I have to clarify", and then ask yourself, "what am I certain about such that I might know I should pursue this certainty?".

I hope this might help myself foremost, now it only remains to be able to see ones own certainties and ones own doubts, and know how to progress in the right direction, by solving the right obstacles, and acting in the right spheres of already assumed clarity.

Please comment what you think of this little progress on the question.

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