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is consciousness a seperate dimension

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:30 am
by jackles
is consciousness a dimension seperate from the brains three dimensional functions .consciousness imposing time on to three dimensional functions.

Re: is consciousness a seperate dimension

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:32 am
by hammock
jackles wrote:is consciousness a dimension seperate from the brains three dimensional functions...
I suppose even a 2D schematic diagram would be depicting or signifying potential "properties of a system" in its static configurations. But off paper, in the concrete world, a selection of such structural relationships also requires it being modified in a sequence of states [time flow] so as to fully express how its property or regulating power comes about, how it fulfills its role as a "function". But that series of changes could co-exist with each other just as modified states do on a reel of film [which in that analogy the continuous strip serves as the "extra dimension" for such individual image frames]. Rather than the changes seemingly annihilating / replacing each other as a motion-illusion flux projected upon a movie screen.
... consciousness imposing time on to three dimensional functions.

HERMANN WEYL ~ "The objective world simply is, it does not happen. Only to the gaze of my consciousness, crawling upward along the life line of my body [the integrated slices of its history in spacetime], does a section of this world come to life as a fleeting image in space which continuously changes in time."

Both sensory experiences and linguistic thought seem utterly dependent upon their being extended over several moments. I mean, when was the last time either expressed themselves for you in a single instant? Even Oliver Sack's patients below had to have at least one or the other escaping their "freeze episodes" in order to think / cognize that "Hey, I've been stuck in the same visual scene for the last ten minutes". Or having memory to fall back on as evidence when later looking at a clock and realizing they had probably been been perceiving over a certain period but minus any reflective awareness about the experience during that span.

OLIVER SACKS ~ Were James and Bergson intuiting a truth in comparing visual perception --and indeed, the flow of consciousness itself-- to such a mechanism? Are the brain mechanisms that give coherence to perception and consciousness somehow analogous to motion picture cameras and projectors? Does the eye/brain actually "take" perceptual stills and somehow fuse them to give a sense of continuity and motion? No clear answer was forthcoming during their lifetimes.

There is a rare but dramatic neurological disturbance that a number of my patients have experienced during attacks of migraine, when they may lose the sense of visual continuity and motion and see instead a flickering series of "stills." ... I heard several accounts of such visual effects while working in the late 1960s with a large number of migraine patients ... I used the term "cinematographic" vision for them; for patients always compared them to films run too slow....

I heard strikingly similar accounts in the late 1960s from some of my post-encephalitic patients, when they were "awakened," and especially overexcited, by taking the drug L-DOPA. Some patients described cinematic vision; some described extraordinary "standstills," sometimes hours long, in which not only visual flow was arrested, but the stream of movement, of action, of thought itself. ... Such standstills showed that consciousness could be brought to a halt, stopped dead, for substantial periods, while automatic, nonconscious function --maintenance of posture or breathing, for example-- continued as before. <From
In The River Of Consciousness>

Re: is consciousness a seperate dimension

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:50 pm
by jackles
yes thanks for the read.i have heared accounts of event slowmo from people who have taken drugs.interesting its as if a moment is being slowed by the chemical action of the drugs on the brain relative to the umoving timeless datum of consciousness.