is the hard question easy.

Is the mind the same as the body? What is consciousness? Can machines have it?

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Re: is the hard question easy.

Post by Blaggard » Fri Feb 28, 2014 10:56 am

hi there ginkgo .i think we went through what entangment means with the analergy of the discs one on the moon one on earth .and we agreed that if one was rotated the other would replicate the action instantainiously no matter what distance in locality they where apart.this is spooky action and has been proven by experiment.molicules have been means that nolocality is omni present to all events.because you could do an experiment any time any where in the universe and all ways get a nonlocal and there for spooky result and its always the exact same indistnguishable spooky is it blags isnt following that.remebering what neils bhor said about some body understanding qm .
Nobody really understands qm because it defies intuition and seemingly even can defy cause and effects laws.

I detailed complementarity on another thread, it is the idealised notion of wave mechanics, it states that nothing can be described in quantum mechanics by a classical analogy, one must use terms which are non causal in order to explain a quantum system and even then such a device is non pictorial, and hence non local not real. When you measure the spin of one entangled particle the other is also measured but this takes place in reality not by spooky action as Einstein called it, as a sort of joke against the notion of what he though would be faster than light information transfer, since then no experiment has ever showed faster than light transfer of anything and its likely such a speed limit will never be exceeded by material let alone entangled photons.

Superluminal transport of information is still impossible, this is still very much a relativistic event not some magic. Also such quantum behaviour may well be observed at the level of sub atomic particles but the macro universe seems governed by cause and effect and so you have to be wary of comparing macro systems like the planets orbiting the sun to nano scale ones like the electron orbiting the nucleus. Hence we describe the electron as a cloud of probable position and probable momentum, not in terms of a body orbiting at a set speed and distance.

The wave function merely exhausts the possible degrees of freedom of x particle at time t, in other words it says given a amount of energy to mass particle e- then if in a hydrogen molecule n spectra will be observed, it does not allow it to perform miracles if it did then scientists wouldn't bother renormalising the equation to fit it between infinite but realistic degrees of freedom.




Which explains how the partial differential works which lead after some pretty complicated maths to


i is the imaginary axis.

h bar, is the reduced planks constant.

And that upside down delta or nabla^2 is defined as :


Which is maths gibberish for squaring the function in basic terms, it basically rids the equation of negative energy solutions or solutions that defy energy/probability concerns. Also known as a Laplacian which is a partial differential which is derived by specifying rates of change where a 0 is observed as mentioned in the previous unintelligible maths waffle above.

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