Choice Manifesting itself through the Symbol of the Loop

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Choice Manifesting itself through the Symbol of the Loop

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:52 pm

I may go to the store to buy a bag of chips.

On one hand I may look at a bag of chips, or the bag of chips in my area and assume them all for what they are, ie "bags of chips", upon this assumption I may further assume what I am desiring at the time (some flavor profile "x). I align one assumption, my inherent subjective state, with the objective sensory reality which lies before me. This presents "y" number of options.

I further assume, based off the subjective experience about going for something expensive or cheap, as to what bag of chips I will choose.

Each "choice" requires a continuum of aligning assumptions of my subjective states (which are internally "objective" if I assume I am assuming them as this causes an inherent loop within my identity of "self awareness".)

Both states, the subjective as objective and the object of universally empirical (yet subjective in the angulature in which I am perceiving the phenomenon) assumption are both still grounded in assumptions considering that while the assumption may be assumed, this further assumption is still based on an inherent nature of no foundations or "emptiness" underlying it.

Thus when I make a "choice" it is dependent upon the multi faceted looping of a variety of assumptions that align to preassumed values (such as how much money I want to spend, which are integrated "assumptions" filtering how I assume) as well as more "instantaneous" ones.

Choice thus necessitates an inherent symmetry between values as they progress in time. This symmetry, or "sameness" necessitates choice as a looping of assumptions thus is grounded in an inherent self awareness as an adaptation to chaos through the manifestation of a self referential state.

Choice, while random, is the manifestation of an inherent loop, but in the act of awareness we are left with a continuum of loops. This "form", through the empty point of awareness underlying the emptiness of assumption and the corresponding loop which stems from this negation requires choice to fundamentally be both objective and exist through prerequisite objective forms that are prelogical.

Choice is thus objective on one hand, due to the underlying prelogical forms, however as fundamentally subject to form it becomes symbolic in it's own right...considering all forms are symbols and all symbols are forms.

Choice, because of its looping nature necessitates an identity through symbolism where this symbolism is strictly "context". We observe the nature of experience, through this loop, as contextual (and hence symbolic as it is an intermediary from one perceived experience to another through standard archetypal symbols).

This context, where choice manifests itself through symbols and the creation of symbols by a process of looping assumptions, necessitates a form of self-referentiality through these looping assumption thus manifests an "identity".

This identity, as patterns manifested through imaginary (imaged) symbols or even the symbolic nature of "memory" itself as composed of images or patterns, is grounded in "contextualization" where both the symbol and the creation of symbols (be it an abstract symbol such as %&#$& or a "memory") is circular.

The symbol gains itself identity through a self referential loop, thus is fundamentally empty as a context much in the same manner the assumptions that underlie it are empty. Contextualization, as the formation of symbols, is the filtering of assumptions through an inherent loop. For example, a simple symbol of a cross for a religious group (ranging from Christian's to Buddhists to Pagan Indian Tribes) may filter how an individual sees the world. The cross, as a context for sacrifice or the negation of negative energies, is repeated within the identity of the observer through recursion as memory. This symbol in repeating itself connects itself to further and further symbols and acts as the inherent pattern (which is fundamentally a loop considering this symbol is both empty and self referential) of how we assume reality.

This "how" is dependent upon its inherent emptiness as this emptiness is the further potential symbols (as contextualized experiences...which again as "assumed assumptions" are self referential loops) that are embodied by this "loop" of the cross symbol repetitively occurring within the individuals mind. This loop, as an assumption, in turn acts as a filter for how the individual assumes.

For example, the person who meditates on this symbol (with "meditate" being synonymous to "mediate" where the symbol is focused upon an acts as an inherent center for further awareness) effectively embodies a value of

1. "self sacrifice" from a Christian perspective,

2. continual negation as the negation of negative energy (negation of negation which is reflected in western intuitionist logic and the intuition of zen practice)from the Buddhist perspective of the Mandela,

3. or one of "synthesis" between forces from a pagan context.

This assumption of value, with value strictly being the integration of symbols as contexts (again loops) as a filter, in turn directs how the individual percieves reality. So for example the person under the Christian influence may approach all assumed experiences through a "self sacrifice" whether it be a life and death situation such as a soldier in combat or a fighter, the sacrifice of labor for a worker, the loss of any proconcieved identity as an artist in expressing a painting, or a mother who places a childs wants and needs before her own.

The Buddhist may reflect this same mind set through an awareness that is grounded through the continual meditation and analysis of illusion where this negation of the illusion (a negative) through analysis (a negation through atomization or "cutting apart") results in an inherently empty state of awareness where reality is "assumed" as is...which no prerequisite judgement except the form of the Mandela itself,

The pagan may also follow the above from a different angle, where the cross representing a synthesis of heaven and earth may emphasize this in fertility rights where a synthesis between reason (abstraction) and emotion (base appetites) occurs to give a sense of equilibrium and objective identity.

Regardless of the context of this symbol's use, its inherent looping through the observer (with this again consitututing both "self evidence" and "self evident truth") acts as a cycle which contains the inherent reality the observer assumes in every day life.

Thus "choice" is subject to an inherent "loop" which necessitates it as existing through and subject to laws higher than itself.

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Re: Choice Manifesting itself through the Symbol of the Loop

Post by Impenitent » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:02 pm

I may go to a casino and buy a bag of chips, gamble and get a free steak dinner...


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