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Forum Rules

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This forum has previously operated on a kind of unwritten constitution, but we have recently had to introduce a few basic rules, so it seems only fair to summarise them somewhere easy to find. These rules will be revised as necessary, but we will aim for laconic brevity. Please send suggestions to me or one of the mods (AMod and iMod). Thanks everyone.

Rule 1) Please be nice to one another and attempt to treat each other as adults.

Rule 2) Anyone misusing the PM system to send threatening or aggressive messages to another user will be banned.

Rule 3) Although there may be genuine philosophical and ethical questions regarding sexuality and young people, we do not allow any discussion of such questions anywhere on this forum. Any attempt to do so will result in thread deletions and eventually in permanent bans for those involved. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Rule 4) Members when posting should comply with any requests specific to them which have been made to them by mods or admins. If they fail to do so then they may be banned without further warning.

Rule 5) There is no Rule 5. (so far)

The guiding metaphor of this forum is that this is a pub, where freewheeling discussion is encouraged but troublemakers are thrown out and the landlord has the final say. (We regret that this forum is not licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages).